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Artist Series

Helen Dealtry Spring Artist in Residence

We are beyond thrilled to announce artist Helen Dealtry as our Spring 03 Artist-in-Residence. Helen is renowned for her stunning watercolor floral paintings and when you see her painting inspired by spring, books and all things quarterlane, you will see why -- her work is exquisite!  We've printed her incredible art in limited edition to be included in all spring boxes. Get your frames ready! 

As Helen shares, when speaking of her work, "I put a lot of my passion for florals down to the exposure to them that I had as a child. The women in my early life all took great pride in their English gardens. I learned a lot about color, form, and texture just by being surrounded by blooms and vegetation. But it wasn’t until later in my life that I found I understood how to translate all that into a painted image."